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DHC Software Inc. founded in 1999

DHC SOFTWARE has been in dental office software development since 1999. The founder and CEO Dr. B. Pulec is a dentist with over 37 years of clinical, educational and software experience. His leadership, experience and passion for dentistry and dental software has created unique and exciting products over the years. DHC Software has its own dedicated software team with many decades of combined experience in developing dental software.

The initial product was Consult-PRO, a dental patient education software.

Consult-Pro is used by 1000’s of dentists worldwide both to increase case acceptance and to create a superior office image. Consult-PRO is a cloud based dental software that continues to be up to date with all the latest software innovations.

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Consult-PRO Dental Software has Sold in Over 127 Countries

The globalization of dentistry is a wonderful thing, as doctors and patients from different regions of the world are receiving the benefit and expertise of a shared dental knowledge. Consult-PRO is a dental patient education software that has been sold in over 127 countries. By providing the most up-to-date dental techniques and 3D animated technology in each country’s specific language, Consult-PRO is contributing to the development of a common global dental knowledge and pushing the boundaries of dental software.

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In 2014 -DHC Expanded to CLOUD Dental Office Practice Management Software with CLOUDENT

DHC software has been developing a CLOUD based Dental practice management software for over 10 years named CLOUDENT. This software has been designed by dentists for dentists using the same visual impact as the original Consult-Pro which has worldwide appeal. Every aspect of running a dental office was analyzed to maximize efficiency, productivity and of course visual appeal. No wonder it has been said that CLOUDENT is the “sexiest dental practice management software “.

DHC Software Created Institutional dental software called CLOUDENT- EDU and EDULink

DHC Software has created a version of CLOUDENT that is specific to institutional dental environments such as dental hygiene schools and dental schools . One of the institutional dental software users and the largest dental hygiene college in North America( Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries inc.

(TCDHA) has been using the software for many years. TCDHA currently uses the software to run its clinics totaling over 100 dental chairs and over 700 students .

CLOUDENT -EDU has the ability to handle unlimited number of chairs, schedules and users. It also can monitor and track student evaluations or requirements in both the clinical and didactic portions of the dental programs. Together with another DHC product called EDULink the college can operate on one platform decreasing costs and increasing efficiency.

CLOUDENT -EDU and EDULink can run an entire dental Hygiene college or dental school.
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DHC Software has created a version of CLOUDENT that is specific to multi dental office practice management organizations also called dental service organizations. ( DSO )

CLOUDENT -DSO has many features that a multi dental office organization would benefit from. Viewing any office schedule from any central location or evaluating productivity by office, by producer or by procedure are just two important features. Standardized efficient workflows increase productivity and net profits for the corporation.

In addition, DHC Software can customize the software to re enforce the corporate image as well as create specific custom software features for the particular DSO.

CLOUDENT -DSO can be customized to the specific needs of the DSO
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CLOUDENT, CLOUDENT EDU , CLOUDENT-DSO and EDULink are available in Canada and the USA. Consult-PRO is available worldwide.

DHC Software Future

DHC Software is dedicated to continue to provide the best dental office software with the latest technology. For example: CLOUDENT currently has voice activated periodontal charting and DHC Software is working on making the entire clinical dental software voice activated so the dentist and clinical staff do not need to touch the computer . This will increase infection control of the clinical dental environment during clinical treatment and increase clinical efficiency .

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