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Dental Practice Management Software for all Dental Clinical environments

A full stack Cloud Canadian made dental practice management software that uses the latest cloud technology and communications systems.

  • No servers needed at the dental office. Just an internet connection
  • Any scheduling changes can be done remotely and in real time.
  • Automatic e- mails and texts with patients that are recorded in the record of care.
  • Secure and automatic” of site” back up every 2 seconds.
  • Prevents “malware “attacks.
  • Can use the benefits of the internet as it continues to evolve.

Fully customizable Splash screen to match your office branding.

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  • Color coded to view confirmed / non confirmed patients
  • Option to color code by procedure (clinic staff to use to set up rooms)
  • Direct access to patient
  • Unlimited users
  • Automatic forms like COVID 19 (and others as needed) filled out before appointment
  • Automatic text and e – mail appointment confirmation
  • Multiple custom views and scheduling of users
  • History of appointment cancellations
  • Front desk communication with clinical staff for patient status
  • Can be put on privacy mode when booking with a patient.
  • Can view multiple schedules for multiple offices

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Patient Communication

  • Text back and forth including sending images videos and forms
  • Confirm appointments
  • Transfer x- rays from other offices safely --without e- mail
  • Can market the patient for needed and optional treatment
  • Patients can refer patients with the APP
  • Can be used for online image building


Treatment Coordinators or the dentists can consult with a patient using the Consult-PRO features just like if they were in the office. Everything is recorded in the record of care as per proper record keeping guidelines automatically. Integrated with the GOTOMEETING application.

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Progress Notes & Record of Care

Proper record keeping without the time spent to do it. The shortcut custom texts can cut the record of care entry time even more than speech to text software. The record of care saves literally hours a day being integrated with all the other modules in the CLOUDENT software. So, if the program automatically sends a reminder in the scheduler for the next appointment and the patient confirms the appointment, then the program changes the color of the scheduler and also records the transaction in the record of care. If the office staff texts something to the patient and the patient texts something back it is automatically recorded in the record of care. No need to waste time recording everything. If the user shows a patient education video to a patient the notes automation automatically records that the video was shown to the patient. If there is an estimate made or form signed again everything is automatically entered in the record of care.

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Image Management

Image management is not just importing x- rays with CLOUDENT the user can edit the radiograph with dental specific tools for diagnosis and patient communication. The entire patient education library that comes with Consult-PRO can be integrated with the image management. Clinical photos, videos, any Twain driver devices can be used to import images from devices in addition to straight forward images.

  • Integrated with forms
  • Integrated with record of care
  • Integrated with Consult-PRO
  • Image edit tools, dental specific including smile design.
  • Import any Twain devices
  • Integrated with the TELEDENTISTRY part of CLOUDENT
  • Integrated with custom education modules
  • Document multiple treatment options

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Create Custom Forms with Form Maker

No other dental management program local or cloud currently has this feature. The biggest hurdle to get dental offices to switch from paper patient records to digital records is because they need to learn how to use a completely new way of entering data into the record of care. The objectives of this Forms section is to

  • Take any paper form and make it a digital form. Hence the user is using the same forms they are used to.
  • Make the process of recording easier and faster
  • Make the user follow guidelines that will make them more thorough accurate and increase the consistency of care.
  • Increase the efficiency of front desk staff documentation and office procedures.
Office can continually increase their efficiency by making an infinite number of new forms.

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Having it all Work Together

Having it all work in one system has many advantages, here is one example of how an all-in-one Practice Management System can work seamlessly together. We have a automatic form generated in the forms section with the practice letterhead and custom text. The auto fields are automatically filled in and we need to add a image that has been modified in the image section of the software. All we do is split the CLOUDENT screen one click, drag and drop the image from images to forms. Done. This would take several office programs to open and work with if it was not all in one. As a bonus, this is automatically recorded in the record of care again saving the dentist and or staff time to enter this .

Patient Education with Consult-PRO

Over 900 presentations and over 500 3D video Animations The videos and education presentations were developed to help the dentist and or presenters to deliver proper informed consent during the consultation with the patient. The videos have been created and modified over many years to satisfy the following objectives. Including but not limited to:

  • To be pleasing to watch by the patient (no blood or scalpels)
  • To be anatomically correct
  • To educate on the procedures available
  • To educate on the consequences of non-treatment.
  • To educate on the various complications
  • Integrated with CLOUDENT record of Care

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Patient Brochures

With a vast variety of Brochures, the dental office should be able to produce a Patient Specific Brochure for the particular patient and the particular situation that may have several options for treatment. The objective of the Brochure section is but not limited to:

  1. Continue with the requirement of Informed consent.
  2. Document the different treatment options presented for a particular situation.
  3. Listing advantages and disadvantages of suggested treatment
  4. Create a unique Patient specific brochure for every consultation.
  5. Allow the dental office to change the text of the brochure using the same artwork.

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This section Records all created documents such as forms and Images and edited documents as well as being able to import all formats including PDF and Word Docs. The objective of this Documents section is but not limited to:

  1. Record all created documents
  2. Record all images
  3. Record all image edits
  4. Able to import all types of electronic documents to be retrievable.
  5. Documents cannot be deleted once created or imported. Only archived
  6. Can now use the program as cloud storage for all documents related to the office

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Dental Charting

Charting is easy with Icon driven tools. Very visual and comprehensive. It also has charting features that are not found with any other Cloud software. The goal in Charting is to make it easy for the user and visually pleasing and usable in any custom form for office customization

  • Tooth movement, intrude extrude rotation.
  • Tooth development with stages of development
  • Primary dentition with stages of development and stages of root resorption.
  • Chart can be placed into images and thus into any custom form

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Voice Activated Perio Charting

Next level voice activated Perio Charting that really works.

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Treatment Planning and Treatment

  • Treatment planning is again visual easy and clearly understood by users and patients.
  • The graphics to text interphase is also very fun to use.
  • Able to integrate electronic Billing in Canada and the USA.
  • Can be customized for office forms.
  • Multiple and custom fee guides .

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Billing Reports and Stats Reporting

North American standard of billing and invoicing with procedure codes to insurance companies. Additional reporting and statistical analysis for large organizations. Reporting automatically so that the management can easily see the office production, strengths and weaknesses. Graphical representation with multiple offices. There are various stats that a manager of many offices would want such as Comparing office production , collections, the production type and top producers

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